What are the acceptable modes of payment on the train?
We welcome American Express MasterCard and Visa.  Wire transfer details can be shared on request, if you would like to make the payment by bank transfer.

Are there any surcharges for credit card payments made on the train?

A surcharge is applicable on all payments made using credit / debit cards on the train.

Is laundry service available on train?

Yes, the laundry service is available to help serve you better. Laundry charges are not included in the booking price.

Are currency exchange services available?
You can avail foreign currency exchange service at the pre departure hotel where you would be staying. No such service is available on the train.

Who is the designated person In-Charge on board the train?
The train has one General Manager/ Manager/ Train Supervisor, on board during the entire duration of the tour. They can be contacted directly for any assistance required.

Is there any baggage restriction to board the train?
There is limited storage space inside your cabin (under the bed and in the luggage hold) for luggage storage. Soft-topped luggage is easier to store. Guests are recommended to carry luggage as per international airline rules for first / business class passengers.

What is the dress code on the train?
During the day, the dress code on the Indian luxury trains is casual both on and off the train. Since every tour requires some walking, for off train excursions, we recommend that passengers pack some comfortable walking shoes. Comfortable clothing in natural restrained hues (bright colors are not advised) which blend with the landscape is preferred for all excursions to wildlife reserves. Warm clothing is advisable for the winter tours.


Meals & Drinks –

Are outside-eatables allowed on the train?

The Train offers a variety of delectable cuisines made from fresh ingredients to suit your palette. We also take in prior requests for special dietary requirements. We appreciate, if guests refrain from carrying outside food on the train.

Are all meals, drinks and excursions included in the price?
Meals and excursions, when scheduled are included in the price.

What are the available meals / drinks on board that are available to the passengers?

Our on board team of professional chefs, constantly toss up mouth-watering delicacies from a variety of global cuisines. The bar at the lounge car is well stocked with finest collection of various brands of scotch, wine, beer and other spirits.

Is there any extra cost for the drinks in the bar/lounge?
Personal expenses such as drinks in the Bar/ Lounge Car are not included in the price and the guest needs to pay for the drinks at the bar counter.

Special Dietary Requirement
In case of any special dietary requirement or food related allergies, guests are requested to inform us at the time of booking and to the chef/Train Manager while onboard. Most dietary requirements can be catered for.

What kind of transport is used for off board excursions?
Air conditioned deluxe coaches are used for all off board excursions.

Khidmatgars and Butlers
Each train has a dedicated team of butlers/khidmatgars on board who are on call 24X7 to help you with their luggage, onboard facilities and any other concerns as well.

During the off board excursions, you will be accompanied by professional English speaking guides. If, a guest requires a guide in any other foreign language, the request has to be made at the time of booking.

Off Train Excursions
Since most of our off train excursions involve a fair amount of walking, unpaved sidewalks, uneven surfaces and steep stairs, a reasonable degree of physical fitness is required to participate on all off train excursions.

Are there any additional costs to the special excursions /events available on board?
An additional supplement will be levied on certain departures which may offer additional special interest excursions, signature events and special guest lecturers.


Are Porters available on and off the train ?
Porters are available at all embarkation and disembarkation stations to assist you with your luggage.

What facilities are available for wheelchair bound/ disabled passengers?
We regret that the design and layout of the train along with the dimensions of the passages are not suitable for wheelchair-bound passengers. However, we are able to accommodate passengers with limited mobility but we strongly recommend that they are accompanied by an able-bodied passenger.  Guests are requested to specify any such special requirements at the time of booking.

Are paramedics available on board?
We have 24 hrs paramedic on board the train that can provide emergency medical facilitation if required.
Health: specify any ailments at the time of booking and update the Guest Relations Manager of the same while boarding.

What activities are available onboard?
There is a selection of books and board games available in the Bar Lounge Car. Besides guests can indulge in the spa, get some beauty therapy done at the salon or even workout at the gym when on board the luxury trains. The panoramic windows also offer good views , if you want to  spend some time at the Lounge or grab a drink at the bar.

Will I need a plug adaptor?
On the luxury trains, each cabin has 110 V (dc) and 220 V (ac) sockets suitable for recharging video batteries and shaving.

Do I need to tip when I am on the tour?
Guests can offer gratuities to crew/hoteliers/drivers etc. as per their discretion. An envelope will be provided in each cabin on the last night of the journey for the same.