Welcome to Classic Rail Journeys, India’s premium rail operator of exclusive heritage trains. CRJ is all about personalized travel through fully ushered rail tours, transporting one to the days of yore. It offers an exceptional opportunity to visit India’s most incredible places in private suites of classic heritage trains. Under the aegis of SDU Travels Pvt. Ltd., CRJ comprises a specialist group which knows exactly what it takes to design and accomplish a memorable rail journey.

SDU Travels Pvt. Ltd.

October 10th, 2010 was a significant day in the life of nine friends who had built a career in the travel industry. On this day, they came together to realize a collective vision of providing personalized, quality travel through ethical business practices; and so was born SDU Travels Pvt. Ltd., a travel company whose founders themselves are avid travellers.

This passion, led to the finding of interesting destinations with unique local experiences; discovering new points of interest, new things to do and a considerable knowledge about hotel quality. Having experienced the culture of the places visited they brought back a wealth of experiences - some, off the beaten track, but all in all truly enriching. This knowledge has enabled the founders to equip the company for customized travel experiences along with professional and reliable services. Specializing in inbound travel, SDU Travels Pvt. Ltd. has built its business ethically, this being the reason for most clients having patronized it for years.

Since 2010, SDU Travels Pvt. Ltd. has grown immensely, both geographically and in terms of the services it provides. With its roots in India, it has a presence in Delhi, Varanasi, Kochi and Chennai; in neighboring countries like Nepal (Kathmandu), Bhutan (Thimphu) and Sri Lanka and overseas offices at UK, Germany, Japan, Korea, China, Italy, Spain, Brazil and the U.A.E.

Having won many awards, SDU Travels Pvt. Ltd. today, is synonymous with quality. The 150-member happy crew steers this ship with the utmost care and confidence. All in all, the journey of these nine friends has been a truly successful one which started with a certain vision and successfully culminated into their mission. The journey continues, the passion remains and SDU Travels Pvt. Ltd. moves from strength to strength each passing year.

Having a global presence, SDU Travels Pvt. Ltd. has affiliations with the Department of Tourism, Government of India, certifications from IATA, PATA, USTOA, IATO, TAAI, FICCI and ASTA

The vision at CRJ has now successfully extended into their mission, which is - “To promote Train Travel in India, making train-travel simple, seamless & affordable for the traveller, with the ultimate benefit being passed on to the society, thereby contributing to responsible tourism.” With the entire team at CRJ working tirelessly and with commitment towards responsible and ethical tourism, this mission becomes stronger each passing day, constantly propelling them towards greater achievements.
“Having grown up in a period when train travel was an exciting and joyous journey, one goes back in time and reminisces how this diverse and beautiful India unfolded before one’s eyes! An experience in itself, one remembers how through the window panes of the coaches the vista unfolded - of varied topography and often sightings of locals, leading to cultural insight.” For team at ‘Classic Rail Journeys’, the urge to showcase this beautiful India to the world was always strong - the seed having been sown during their train travel days - and what better than the typical, enchanting train travel of yore; experiencing India the Indian way! And so came about the tie-up with the Govt. of India to promote the concept of Heritage Trains, an opportunity for the culturally inclined traveller to experience rail travel as it was while enjoying the luxury of international standards. Their vision is a farsighted one; it being - “To promote Train Travel in India, making train-travel simple, seamless & affordable for the traveller, with the ultimate benefit being passed on to the society, thereby contributing to responsible tourism.”
There is trust, humility and collaboration among the 150 strong members that SDU Travels Pvt. Ltd. employs. Here, along with having fun, everyone contributes towards making decisions and is also in tune with the latest technology and market trends.